What is Hidden Table?

Hidden Table is an ever evolving dining project bringing new ingredients, ideas, and flavors to Buffalo. One of our main goals is creative freedom, with each event we have to decide what we are most interested in cooking, drinking, and showcasing. Because of this creative freedom every menu is completely unique, from elevated southeast Asian street food, to regional Mexican cuisine paired with biodynamically grown wines, and everything in between.

We only do Pop-up events when we have an idea we are excited about, or a new partner to collaborate with. We specialize in multi-course tasting menus, although we will occasionally try out other projects and ideas. Hidden Table will show up at different venues at different times, so for the most up to date information sign up for our email list (on the reservations page) and follow us on Instagram @hiddentable716

You can also check out past menus on the “Food” page.


Ingredients are always the main focus of every Hidden Table event, as much as possible we use locally grown and foraged foods. With specific dishes we take a hyper local approach, from dishes that are made with entirely local grown produce, to dishes made with only foraged ingredients. With other dishes we showcase flavors and products that come from around the world. Each dish has its own purpose and message, as part of the whole story of the menu.


With every menu we strive to get the best possible results, and this often means finding new people to partner with for each menu. We have worked with people like Zach Hakes (Paradise Wines), as well as meeting the wine producers themselves. We have also worked with other local chefs like Nick Rice (Save Me a Slice), Who helped us with developing a dessert based on an old Seneca recipe. We believe collaboration and partnership is essential to creating the best experience, and tastiest food.

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